Montreal's La Diperie Now Has "Black Charcoal" Dip Ice Cream

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Montreal's La Diperie Now Has "Black Charcoal" Dip Ice Cream

It seems like practically overnight, ice cream shop La Diperie has exploded across the province. You're not imagining things, they have - with over 20 locations across La Belle Province. You can now get access to deliciously dipped ice dream almost everywhere.

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With clever branding and very Instagramable bright turquoise backdrop, it's no wonder this ice cream chain has gained massive popularity so quickly. And it also helps that their ice cream tastes as good as it looks on your feed.

La Diperie recently announced a new item releasing just in time for the warm months, a unique dip made from activated charcoal that will give your cone a lacquered black hue. It will taste much sweeter than it looks.

You may have heard of activated charcoal with its recent rise in popularity as a tooth whitening agent. Actually, a little bit of research will show you that activated charcoal actually boasts all kinds of health benefits, and is even take as a daily supplement by some. So basically eating this ice cream will be a win/win.

So you can just enjoy it in the form of deliciously smooth soft-serve ice cream at everyone's favorite ice cream shop in Montreal.

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