Montreal's La Fontaine Park Now Has A "Love Lock" Fence You Gotta See

Guys, sometimes in life, you stumble upon something so adorable that it just needs to be shared.

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And honestly, nothing is more adorable than a love lock fence. Especially one right in the heart of Montreal's Plateau.

We recently stumbled upon this makeshift romantic monument right in Montreal's Parc La Fontaine.

Taking inspiration from the famous Paris love lock fence, and maybe even the one situated in Montreal's Old Port, this is probably the perfect way to really express your love for that special someone. (Even if that special someone happens to be yourself, because TBH, I'm this close to grabbing a Sharpie and declaring my undying love to me).

So grab the prettiest lock you can find, grab a Sharpie, and get creative, because nothing says "my love for you is forever" like a slapping a lock on a fence in one of Montreal's prettiest parks.

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