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Montreal's La Ronde Announces Insane $50 Season Passes For Summer 2016

VIP access, FREE entrance for your friends and much more!

Here's a deal you don't see every day. 

La Ronde has a special Easter special that will only be available for a limited time and once it's gone, you won't get another chance like this again.

As you may know, La Ronde offers a number of different season passes. There's the regular season pass that normally sells for $93 and a special VIP Gold Pass that Sells for $153.

But for a limited time, if you buy 2 or more season passes to La Ronde they will only cost you 49,99 and you will instantly be upgraded to the VIP Gold Pass. 

[Perfect for anyone who's looking to catch all the Lotto Quebec Fireworks shows.]

The pass give you special discounts and privileges which include: 

  • Access the park before everyone else
  • Free sports bottle
  • VIP access to rides
  • Unlimited access to the park
  • Unlimited access to ALL 6 Flags parks
  • Unlimited access to The Great Escape in NY
  • Free entrance for your friends
  • Rebates for your friends
  • Hundreds of dollars in discount

Click here to purchase your season pass.

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