Montreal's La Ronde Is Getting Rid Of This Super Racist Ride

Have you ever ridden the carousel at Montreal's iconic amusement park, La Ronde?

Some of you have, some of you haven't. But what next to all of you probably missed is one incredibly racist aspect of La Ronde's merry-go-round. 

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One horse on the carousel is outfitted with the decapitated head of an Indigenous man inside of a saddle-bag. 

Incredibly offensive and barbaric, the cruel depiction of the Indigenous community on this seemingly child-friendly ride was entirely overlooked by most La Ronde workers and attendees alike. 

That is, until, Jessica Hernandez, who lives in Kahnawake, took her kids to the Six Flags amusement park. 

Hernandez, speakingto CBC, said that she had noticed the offensive imagery years ago, and was shocked that it still hadn't been removed. 

So this time, Hernandez took a couple of pictures of the horse-in-question, posting it to social media. 

After a fair amount of justified backlash and criticism against La Ronde, the amusement park has removed the problematic-and-rather-racist image. 

Not even La Ronde knows how old the carousel is and aren't really aware when and how the head of an Indigenous man became a part of the ride. 

Obviously the ride is old, and so comes from a time when the image of "Cowboys Vs. Indians" wasn't much of an issue. 

That doesn't take away from how dehumanizing the image is, Hernandez said to CBC, and is definitely no child, Indigenous or otherwise, should be shown. 

Again, the image was completely removed from the ride, but this does demonstrate how offensive depictions of Indigenous people are still quite present in our "modern and accepting" society. 

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