Montreal's La Ronde Is Having An 18+ "Nuit Blanche" Party This Summer

Party from sundown to sunrise.
Montreal's La Ronde Is Having An 18+ "Nuit Blanche" Party This Summer

Nuit Blanche is coming back to Montreal! (Not to be confused with La Ronde's Fright Fest)  

It's been a long time since we've last seen this event, 10 years to be exact. But now, Nuit Blanche is back and will be taking place at La Ronde this summer.

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Get ready for an after dark event, filled with lights, dancing, drinking and of course, rides! And best of all this event is 18+ so it's one of the rare occasions where there won't be any kids running around. 

Dance the night away! Artists that will be performing at this event include: Karim Ouellet, Alaclair Ensemble, DJ ShortCut, Lary Kidd, High Klassified, Mike Shabb and Planet Giza. 

Get your adrenaline pumping by riding the roller coaster at night! 

All the rides will be open except for the following 5: 

  • Au Pays de Ribambelle 
  • Minirail
  • Grande Roue
  • Spirale
  • Le Galopant

Mark your calendars for this one-night only party (I know I am), happening on September 21st, 2018 from 9pm- 5am!

That's right 5 am, so you can party from sundown to sunrise.  Tickets are $46.99 and are available from La Ronde's website. 

Watch this awesome video to see what's coming!

For more information and to buy your tickets visit La Ronde's website

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