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Montreal's Lachine Canal Is Transforming Into The Ultimate Boat Festival This Weekend

I'm on a boat.
Montreal's Lachine Canal Is Transforming Into The Ultimate Boat Festival This Weekend

Do you love being on the water, boating and all things nautical-themed? If yes, then this is the weekend for you.

This weekend (July 5th & 6th) is Nautical Fest, an event put on by Parks Canada, with the Association maritime du Quebec and the Lachine Canal National Historic Site. This festival is for all of you landlubbers that want to enjoy the water - whether it be by boat, canoe, pedal boat or just enjoying the view!

There are a lot of activities going on throughout the weekend, but here are 4 get you excited:

1. Boat Tours on the Lachine Canal: Discover Montreal history, and our beautiful waterway, on a relaxing boat tour. You need to make reservations though, so make sure to call first: 514-602-1000

2. Kayaking: Who doesn't love kayaking, once they've tried it? No one, that's who! H2O Adventures has a kayak and picnic excursion planned on Saturday mornings. You'll be kayaking around Old Montreal, passing through the Peel basin and so much more - definitely a very unique way to see our city! To celebrate Nautical Fest, they're offering a discount on this, and other, activities.  Check out their website!

3. Canoeing: Ok, if you don't like kayaking, you must love canoeing! You're in luck - Poles des Rapides is launching a new kayaking circuit this weekend, during the festival.  You need to get in on this; who else can say they've paddled around Montreal? For more information, go to their website.

4. Nautical Fest: The festival itself, celebrating its third anniversary, will be a lot of fun even if you're the type of person who likes to stay on solid ground. Tours, workshops, entertainment, and more - they'll make you want to buy your own boat by the end of the weekend!


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