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Montreal's Lachine Canal To Host Free Outdoor Bonfire Concert At The End Of July

An evening of tunes by the fire with Mac De Marco.
Montreal's Lachine Canal To Host Free Outdoor Bonfire Concert At The End Of July

Bonfires and fireside tunes are something we see very rarely in the city, but come the end of July, Montreal will be hosting its very own flaming musical jam when the JanSport Bonfire Sessions come to town. Taking place on the Lachine Canal, Montreal's Bonfire session will be an entirely free evening event with tons of tunes, drinks, and good times.

Two things make up the Jansport Bonfire Session: a gigantic bonfire underneath the stars + local musical artists. Three different acts will grace your ears while you sit by the fire, including the renowned Mac DeMarco. You can also look forward to free drinks (the non-alcoholic variety), s'mores and such to snack on, and a bunch of JanSport swag.

To get into the bonfire music-jam, you have to RSVP beforehand. You can claim your spot right here, just be sure to do it sooner rather than later.

The Montreal JanSport Bonfire Session is going down on July 26th, at the Ilox Charlevoix area of the Lachine Canal. Doors open at 6pm, with the event lasting 'til 11pm. To get totally in the know, head to the event listing here.

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