Montreal's Lachine Canal Will Be Closed All Summer Long

This is sad, sad news.
Montreal's Lachine Canal Will Be Closed All Summer Long

One of my favourite parts of Montreal is the Lachine Canal.

It is the reason I chose to live where I have for over 4 years now. It is the highlight of the warmer season for my neighbourhood, and most of the South-West boroughs. 

In short. Lachine Canal is a Montreal gem that everyone should appreciate. 

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Aside from all the glorious picnic opportunities, bike paths, or kayaking - Lachine Canal is facing some issues. 

A section of the Lachine Canal is slated to be closed off to the public all summer long as a stretch of the wall is breaking apart and is about to fall into the water. 

The area of the Lachine Canal faces this issue of deterioration is actually located in Lachine, between 18th and 21st Ave. This section is officially closed and fenced off, as is a chunk of the waterway where people like to boat and kayak. It will remain this way until October. 

Parks Canada is planning a $2M repair job for the section of the crumbling wall, but they are not expected to begin repairs until the fall season.

Lachine Mayor Maja Vodanovic has expressed that she called Parks Canada to find out what can be done about this, immediately, but was advised that Parks Canada has "other, more pressing repair jobs on the canal."

Via CTV Map Showing Planned Canal Construction

The areas of the canal located in LaSalle, Montreal West, and Saint-Henri are taking priority for Parks Canada's repairs.

This is a little bittersweet to me. This is my area of the canal taking the priority, which I love seeing for my own, biased reasons. 

Then again, if it turns out a chunk of the canal in my area will be under construction all summer long, that will undoubtedly suck! Which is also a tad biased, but pardon me - this is my favourite thing about the whole area! 

The Lachine area will have just as much trouble, as the fence blocking off public will stay there taunting the residents all summer. Nobody will be able to properly enjoy this incredible feature of their home area. 

Here is CTV's coverage of the problem in Lachine. 

Hopefully, Parks Canada will get it together and do these repairs properly, and as fast as possible. 

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