Montreal’s Massive Bacon Festival You You Gotta Attend With Your Friends

Bacon-lovers REJOICE! That’s right fellow fanatics; the 2nd annual Bacon Week festival is back this September 2-9 at Quebec’s #1 lifestyle destination DIX30. So get those bellies ready and your best eating pants on, because this year’s edition is positively delicious!

Coinciding with International Bacon Day, this one-of-a-kind foodie festival is the perfect way to celebrate with 7 full days, 20 participating restaurants, and almost 2 dozen specially-created dishes dedicated to everyone’s favourite salty treat.

With over 300 retailers and a huge selection of restaurants and bars to choose from all in one place, Quartier DIX30 is already a go-to for many Montrealers. But after personally sampling all 22 dishes myself (in the name of science of course), trust me when I say your shopping experience just got a whole lot tastier.

Feast your eyes on this year’s lineup below:

Jack Saloon

With its skull-adorned walls and Wild West theme, Jack Saloon has got one of the craziest interiors you'll ever see in a bar. So it only makes sense that they create equally outlandish dishes. Case-in-point - their insane nachos loaded with cheesy mashed potatoes and Valentina sauce, a slice of Gouda cheese, spicy grilled Canadian bacon, and bourbon and bacon creamed corn.

But that's not all, folks. Add on top pickles, onions, jalapeno peppers, a strip of sweet & sour bacon and a healthy dollop of bacon sour cream, all served directly in a Doritos bag, and you get the one-and-only Punching Bag.


This high-end Thai restaurant has created a dish almost as stylish as its decor with a classic take on crispy pork belly. The "MOO GROB" is served with a flavourful sweet & spicy tamarind dipping sauce, fresh garlic, hot peppers, and a side of fragrant Jasmine rice.


This refined and colourful steakhouse has put a Vietnamese spin on their bacon-tastic offering this year, with a Jamón ibérico bacon hotdog, served with grated carrot, bean sprout, fresh green onion, radish, coriander, and a ginger-garlic mayo on a toasted sesame seed bun.

Allô Mon Coco

For all you diehard gluttons out there, this one's for you! The always-packed Allô Mon Coco has created a bacon behemoth with their Choco Supreme - 16 slices of bacon, sandwiched between 4 buttermilk pancakes, smothered in Nutella sauce, with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top for good measure.

La Tomate Blanche

Best known for its contemporary take on Tuscan cuisine, the elegant La Tomate Blanche has gone a little classier with their bacon offering, serving it grilled and smoked, with seared scallop, beetroot, parsnip puree, hazelnuts, and blanched Brussels sprout leaves.

Juliette et Chocolat

Your favourite place to spoil your date with decadent chocolaty goodness, has combined two of the tastiest things on the planet to create the scrumptious Juliette Bacon Brownie. Their out-of-this-world gooey, 55% chocolate brownie with a strip of caramelized bacon baked right in will have you feeling all kinds of ways.

Niji Sushi Bar

Niji Sushi decided to think outside the roll this year, and have put together a Japanese Breakfast Club you won't find anywhere else. A perfectly poached egg sits atop a slice of tomato, crispy bacon strips, pickled red onion, beef tataki, and a fresh baguette, just begging to have its yolk cut open to ooze out and blend with the soya sake/ginger reduction drizzled below.

Five Guys

I'll be honest, the simplicity of this one kinda blew my mind (and taste buds). Amazing burgers and fries are not the only things Five Guys excels at, because their Maple-smoked Bacon Milkshake with extra bacon bits and whipped cream is something you need to try quick-fast.

Les Glaceurs

Red Velvet cake - good. Maple buttercream filling and icing - good. Candied bacon on top - GOOD! What else needs to be said about Les Glaceurs' latest heavenly creation? Exactly.

Le Balthazar

What do you get when you take ground Kangaroo, pork, bacon, and Italian sausage meat, mix in some Mackroken Flower Scotch ale, stuff it with cheddar cheese, and then wrap it in bacon? Le Balthazar's Hoping Bacon Meatloaf, that's what. Serve it with fried Monte Carlo potato and seasonal veggies, and it will flat-out knock you on your ass with its ridiculousness.

Oeufs et Cie

Who says bacon can't be healthy? At least kinda... Oeufs et Cie's Bacon Fiesta is not only a treat for the eyes, but it's also a party for your mouth. The mountain of bacon stacked on top of a three-layer, mini-omelette, avocado, tomato, lettuce and housemade raspberry mayonnaise pancake sandwich might be almost impossible to cut with a knife and fork - but as if you're going to let that stop you.


Zibo always makes a chill place to relax and hang out after work with friends or colleagues, and the best thing to go with your cold pint or glass of vino, is munching on a slice (or 3!) of freshly-made Zibo pizza. But not just any pizza, a 4-cheese, Pancetta, caramelized onions, and BACON pizza!

Restaurant Le Turf (Oasis Surf)

Not only does this place have a full-on indoor surf wave, it also does some damn good food, and its Hawaiian-inspired bacon dish is no exception. Bacon-wrapped shrimp, pineapple, and scallops all cooked to perfection, on top of a fresh and tangy mango salad will leave you plenty of room to wash it all down with their collection of homemade Tiki cocktails, and primed to ride some waves.


Bacon Week isn't Bacon Week without a fat-stacked burger to chow down on, and Scores delivers one guaranteed to make your tummy happy. It starts with a toasted pretzel bun, rib sauce, Boston lettuce, beef patty, 4oz of pulled pork, a couple slices of bacon, fried onions, coleslaw, all topped with 3 onion rings just in case you're still hungry.

Mile Public House

The Mile Public House is always a great bet for creative drinks, tasty food, and the occasional Habs sighting, but they also know how to make bacon taste even better than it already does. They have taken maple/bourbon glazed, thick-cut bacon, grilled it for that extra smokey flavour, and accompanied it with roasted garlic mayo, Boston lettuce and confit tomatoes. This definitely ain't your mama's BLT sandwich. And if you're wondering what's in the bowl? Bacon jam/jalapeño potato salad. Oh yeah.


Relative newcomer on the block, the good people at champagne lounge CHMPGNE + CIE have gotten really fancy and created something truly fabulous. Affectionately known as the Tipsy Pig, the dish stars a succulent piece of pork belly, with a decomposed Bloody Mary risotto made with shrimps, Clamato, vodka, Tabasco, Worcester sauce, and celery puree. Wow.

Skara Estiatorio

Alright, so technically not bacon, but absolutely delicious nonetheless, Skara will whisk you away to the shores of the Mediterranean for the price of a meal with a juicy, perfectly seasoned pork chop dish served with grilled vegetables and a touch of extra virgin olive oil.

Vestibule signé L’Aurochs

Much like the restaurant itself, Vestibule has gone big and bold with their bacon-ness thanks to a double whammy of flavour: Smoked bacon accras with a savoury sweet-corn and red cabbage succotash are little balls of fried goodness that are ideal for sharing. While the homemade bacon churros with salted caramel sauce and maple "bacon bites" are probably something you'll want to eat all to yourself.

Café du Théâtre

Clearly this inviting French brasserie wanted you to start and finish your bacon day with them, because they created not one, but two dishes. In the morning, a delectable bacon and cheddar sausage, with slices of baked pear, roasted breakfast potatoes, Dijon mustard and bacon chips.

Then for dessert, Café du Théâtre has elevated a campfire favourite to a whole new level of deliciousness with a housemade S'mores consisting of chocolate graham, fluffy marshmallow, chocolate crumble, pistachio, raspberries, all topped off with a smoked bacon ice cream and, of course, a nice crispy strip of the good stuff!

Cineplex Odeon Brossard et VIP

With the only full-service VIP movie cinema in Quebec, Cineplex DIX30 likes to go above and beyond with their food, and their hot dogs are no different. A classic ballpark wiener, but topped with delicious bacon bits and gooey, shredded cheese for the win.

For a full list of restaurants and to fulfill all your shopping desires, make sure to check out DIX30's website and Facebook Page!