Montreal's Largest Ever City Wide Scavenger Hunt Begins In November 2014

Get ready to do the impossible.
Montreal's Largest Ever City Wide Scavenger Hunt Begins In November 2014

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City-wide scavenger hunts have been done to death, with so many different variations on the concept of "find the hidden object." Montreal has hosted beer, bar tab, and envolopes of cash scavenger hunts, which are all pretty cool in terms of prizes, but the process is the same throughout. Get a clue, find the spot, get the prize. Simple, boring, and unoriginal. In November, Montreal will be taken over by a different kind of scavenger hunt, Impossible Montreal, which does scavenger hunts in a much more dynamic manner.

For the fourth year in a row, all of Montreal is invited to participate in a city-wide scavenger hunt that is a far cry from the norm. Impossible Montreal wants people to know that it IS NOT a lame "locate the statue" type adventure. Instead, Impossible particpants will be asked to perform crazy tasks and find weird-as-hell objects all around the city, many of which will challenge your brain while also making you step well beyond your comfort zone.

In teams up to twelve, you will be given a long list of quests to complete on the Friday evening of the Impossible Montreal weekend, which runs from November 14th to 16th. Last year's list of tasks included writing erotic Habs fan-fiction, taking group pics of toddlers, doing the monster mash in front of Place des Art, and creating a paper version of the Big O. Expect the 2014 list to be similarly zany.

To participate in Impossible Montreal you need to hand in your solo or team submission form to organizers at the Montreal Improv Theatre (map). Forms need to be physically handed in (to weed out the weak?) by November 2nd and there is a $10 fee for all participants, a small price to pay to get in on Montreal's largest annual scavenger hunt, IMO.

Impossible Montreal runs fromNovember 14th to 16th with registration ending the weekend of November 1st to 2nd. Find out all the details at the Impossible Montreal website and Facebook page here.

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