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Montreal's Le Belmont Summer Terrasse Set To Take Over Saint-Laurent Street This Weekend

Daydrinking is the best kind of drinking.
Montreal's Le Belmont Summer Terrasse Set To Take Over Saint-Laurent Street This Weekend

Photo cred - Joshua McRae

The biggest terrasse on St. Laurent is all set to open this weekend. As part of Mural Fest/the Main's yearly sidewalk sale, Saint-Laurent will be blocked off from Sherbrooke to Mont-Royal, meaning all the bars will have extra outdoor seating space. Le Belmont, however, will be the place to go, because their gigantic terrasse will totally be taking over the St. Laurent.

Not only is Le Belmont's terrace HUGE (as we said, the biggest on St. Lo) but Montreal's best pick-up spot will also have some solid special events going on to make their outdoor patio even better.

Mess Around will start the day-drinking off right with some nostalgic 50's, 60's RnB, Soul, and Motown tunes. Running from 3pm 'til 9pm, DJs Ben Shulman and New Breed Nick are going to make sure the transition from afternoon to evening is smooth 'n easy, with plenty of patio-dancing too.

Don't stress if you feel the need to fuel up on something other than beer to keep your party-energy high, because Dirty Dogs will be on-site at the terrace to take order and feed you some epic and tasty dogs. Don't give up your seat to go get food somewhere else, and its doubtful you'll find anything more deliciously decadent as one of DD's gourmet hot dogs.

Mural Fest will be going on too, so if you do feel the need to stretch your legs, check out the live creation of Montreal's newest murals. Don't forget about the Le Market Mural Fest pop-up shop either.

Last but not least the 2014 World Cup will be on in full force and Le Belmont will be turning on their tubes every day at noon.

Will you be at Le Belmont's Terrasse this weekend?

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