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Montreal's Le Plateau Gets All-New Sidewalk Terrasses

More summertime sitting.
Montreal's Le Plateau Gets All-New Sidewalk Terrasses

To any and all Montrealers who can't deal with the struggle of finding a nice terrasse to sit at in the summer, or any a solid spot outside in the sun (that isn't in the park) then get ready to head to the Plateau, where new communal sidewalk benches are being proposed. Hoping to create a stronger sense of community within the borough, the Plateau's plan for collective street-chill spots could make enjoying the city-sun much easier.

Unlike a bar or cafe's terrasse, these communal sidewalk benches won't be allocated to a specific business. In fact, any form of purchase or vending will not be allowed. The benches are meant to be for "everyone," and not just the patrons of a specific establishment. Expect a first-come-first-bench scenario, as there won't be a hostess to plan out the sitting arrangement.

Nothing is concretely in the works, as the Plateau's elected officials still need to hammer out all of the details, according to Métro. Benches are projected to only cost around $700, which is reasonable, and given how well the re-purposed loading-dock-crates-turned-into-patios have worked on St. Lo in the past, this is one initiative that will only do good things for the city.

Expect an official announcement sometime this week, and as always, check back here for details.

Do you want communal benches in the Plateau?

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