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Montreal's Le Plateau Opens All-New $1 Taco Spot

Go ahead, order them ten at a time.
Montreal's Le Plateau Opens All-New $1 Taco Spot

Friends, is there anything on this earth like a delicious taco? 

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The correct answer is no. There is nothing on this earth like a delicious taco.

via @iceandtacos

Except maybe for a delicious taco that costs $1... like, for example, the tacos served up at the newly established Le Ice & Tacos (19 Avenue Mont-Royal) in Montreal's Plateau. 

Le Ice & Tacos is a Mexican restaurant serving up super delicious tacos. They've already got a location in Montreal-North (12275 rue Rolland) , but recentley opened up a location in the Plateau. 

via @iceandtacos

They serve tacos,

They've also got

via @generalyao

They've got a super solid varities of tacos, like steak assada, chicken, and Matador.

The best part, though? On Tuesdays, their tacos go for $1. Meaning you can stuff your face with as many delicious tacos as you want, and not have it hurt your wallet.

I know, friends. I know.

via @miss_tueros

Sounds like the tastiest deal ever? Check out their Facebook page for more information.

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