Montreal's Le Plateau Ranked #1 Best Place To Live In The City

Because Métro says so.
Montreal's Le Plateau Ranked #1 Best Place To Live In The City

Photo cred - David Giral

Plateau residents, celebrate your borough and applaud yourselves for living there, as you apparently live in the best neighborhood in all of least according to Journal Métro.

Ranking Montreal's 40 different neighborhoods (with subdivisions within boroughs), Métro sought to name the premiere place to live in Montreal, with the Plateau West and East taking the first and third spots, respectively.

A combination of subjective and objective factors were used to designate each neighborhoods place within Métro's rankings, making up 11 criteria, including: transportation and accessibility, the overall environment, parks, aesthetic and architecture, bars and restos, businesses present, affordability, art and culture, safety, community life, and a "cool" factor.

To make things a tad more scientific, Métro also included rent prices, access to Bixi stations and major bus routes, the presence of a farmers market, number of murals or green alleys, and garbage/recycling services in their assessment.

Compiling all of that info together, Métro created an out of 100 percentage rating of each Montreal neighborhood. Below you'll find the top ten, and to see all of the rest head over to the original article here.

1. Plateau West - 72.5%

2. Saint Henri - 70.5%

3. Plateau East - 70%

4. Little Italy/Mile Ex - 69.5%

5. Mile End - 69%

6. Verdun - 68.5%

7. Petite-Patrie - 68%

8/9. Rosemont & Hochelaga-Maisonneuve - 67%

10. Villeray 65%

Given the areas that made the top 5 on Métro's list, we wouldn't be surprised if "population of hipsters" was an undisclosed ranking factor. Maybe that was the "cool" factor though.

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