Montreal's Le Plateau Ranked #1 Most "Bobo" Borough In The City

Confirming what you already kind of knew.
Montreal's Le Plateau Ranked #1 Most "Bobo" Borough In The City

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Every borough/neighborhood of Montreal has a stereotype attached to it. Westmount is full of rich folks, the Mile End is jam-packed with hipsters, and Old Montreal is for old people, so on and so forth. CBC has decided to see if some of these cliches are actually true, first focusing on the Plateau and asking: is the Plateau truly 'bobo' neighborhood?

Before you ask what the truck a 'bobo' is, let us give a brief explanation, because we had no idea either. The term 'bobo,' coine by David Brooks, is essentially a new cultural class that fuses the ideals of the bourgeois and bohemian. Or, in simpler terms, a bobo is an anti-establishment artsy-fartsy type that still plays the corporate game and is wants to make lots of money to live a comfortable/bourgeois-esque lifestyle. I personally like to call them "bobo-bros."

Now think of all the trendy students/hipsters in the Plateau who always complain about the state of the world and the social issues inherent within society caused by capitalism yet still pay for Netflix, have the latest smartphone model, and are willing to pay mad money to "look cool." Sounds pretty bobo to us.

To back up the bobo-Plateau connection, CBC delved into some statistics of the Plateau that coincide with bobo culture. Using a variety of sources, the borough's average age, occupations, education, travel choices, relationship status, and religious beliefs. See how the Plateau ranks compared to all other boroughs at the original article here (with handy maps) and check out the basic breakdown below.

  • Average age of Plateau residents: 34.1 years, the lowest of all boroughs. The most 25-29 year olds also live in the Plateau.
  • Number of residents who work in arts/culture: 9015 Plateau'ers, more than any other borough
  • Number of residents with a university degree: 44,085, with CDN the only borough with more (55, 155)
  • Number of residents who bike or walk: 33.7% (bike) & 22.1% (walk). Plateau'ers bike more than any other borough, no big surprise there.
  • Relationship status: 50.1% percent of people are single (only Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie has more single folks)
  • Religious beliefs: 39.7% of residents claim to have no religion, the most atheist (or agnostic) region of Montreal.

So what the image painted by the above information shows that your basic Plateau resident is a single person in their late-twenties to early thirties who works in the arts, is well educated, chooses an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation, and doesn't ascribe to any organized religion. Despite some more bourgeois features missing, as the facts suggest, the average Plateau person is basically a bobo-bro.

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