Montreal's League Of Lady Wrestlers Party-Performance On St. Laurent Street Is This Saturday Night

Photo cred - Slut Island

Wrestling is much more of an artistic performance than a violent sport, at least the kind of wrestling you see on TV with the muscly men in spandex. Chairs can get tossed about and a lot of intense staring may go down, but at the end of the day, it's all just a rehearsed spectacle. This Saturday, Montreal will host its own wrestling party-show, with a feminine twist, put on by the League of Lady Wrestlers Montreal.

St. Laurent's La Salla Rossa will become a wrestling match this Saturday as the fierce women who comprise the League of Lady Wrestlers Montreal put on their fundraising and recruiting show, in collaboration with Slut Island. Don't think of this as your standard wrestling event, as these ladies do things a bit differently, reforming the inherent over-the-top violence of wrestling into a truly artistic performance.

Wrestling is meant to be a little comical, so don't think this will be a "high brow" art-wrestling performance. Plenty of comedy and camp will make up the performance, as the wrestlers keep out the negative aspects of violence and wrestling in favour of a more uplifting form of entertainment. An open call will also be made to any interested individual who wants get involved in Montreal's League of Lady Wrestlers. Who knows, you may be hooked after seeing the show.

All are invited to the show but do note this is event will be a queer safe space. No discrimination of any form will be accepted, so just come ready to have a good time and you'll be totally fine.

You can also expect to see two bands, a comedy show, and several DJ sets throughout the LOLWM fundraising and recruitment show at La Salla Rossa. Doors open at 9pm on Saturday, December 6th, with the show beginning at 10pm. Get more details by heading to the listing on MTL Blog's event section! See what's in store by checking out the trailer video below.

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