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Montreal's Léché Desserts New Seasonal Sweets Take Donuts To A New Level

Delectable creations only available this Fall and Winter.
Montreal's Léché Desserts New Seasonal Sweets Take Donuts To A New Level

Fall and Winter have a lot more to offer than cold winds and white snow. Flavours also change with the season, and Léché Desserts, Montreal's first artisanal donut bakery, has new baked treats to make the cold much more bearable. Located in St. Henri, with a newer location in the city's Old Port, Léché already has an established and well rounded menu, but these new creations take things to new heights.

For those unfamiliar with what Léché does, check out MTL Blog's initial review of the creative bakery. Léché does donuts like no one else, and the new seasonal flavours live up to Léché's fame. Five new donuts can be deliciously devoured, including: Toasted Sesame with a Miso glaze, Mexican Hot Chocolate, Green Tea Matcha with a White Chocolate Ganache and Shortbread crumble, Mulled Wine, and Plum-Cardamom (a plum jelly donut with a cardamom glaze, topped with pistachios). All of these delicious donuts are scrumptious, and reflect the flavours of the season, but I can't help but be biased to three favourites.

Don't be turned away by the idea of a sesame donut. Albeit a little strange, the Toasted Sesame flavour will instantly become your 'where have you been all my life' donut. Salty, sweet, and nearly butterscotch-esque with the miso glaze, the toasted sesame donut is almost like the donut version of those scrumptious sesame-snap snacks. Only better, because it's a donut, duh. The crunch of the sesame seeds beautifully offsets the fluffy texture of the donut dough (a texture that runs through all of Léché's donuts), and is simply a well rounded creation.

If you've ever enjoyed the spicy sweetness of a Mexican hot chocolate, than you'll know how deliciously intense it can be. Leche's Mexican Hot Chocolate donut, topped with an orange blossom marshmallow, achieves the same level of rich spiciness. The milk chocolate glaze, coupled with fiery Mexican spices, make for a donut with an intense flavour kick. Don't be worried for all spice-ophobes out there, the bready-y dough mellows out the heat well enough for anyone to enjoy.

Mulled wine is a classic holiday drink, and the Mulled Wine donut is arguably as good as the beverage, better even. Rolled in orange sugar for a citrus twist, the donut ranks high because of the awesome mulled wine-jelly in the center  Quite literally condensed mulled wine that has been cooked down into a jelly, the filling, combined with the sweet dough, is a fragrant and sweet donut with a full body of flavour on par with the best of real wines.

With the holiday season fast approaching, Léché has the perfect present for anyone on your gift-list with a sweet tooth. Specially tailored holiday dessert boxes are now available to be ordered, filled with holiday staples (linzers, shorbread, nougat) or filled with sweets by your request. A great gift (or simple holiday snack) that looks good and tastes even better.

For more holiday fun, Léché even offers classes to teach you how to make your very own donuts at home. Perfect for kids and adults alike, an at-home donut class would make for a sweet (pun intended) holiday activity or party. Drop by the St. Henri (640 Rue De Courcelle) or Old Port (15 de la Commune W) location to get in on any of these sweet treats. While you're there, mack on some donut holes done Léché-style. Miles above any timbit.

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