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Montreal's "Les 4 Arbres" Homes In The Plateau Have Changed The Spiral Stair Case Game

Adding wood is always good.

Photo cred - Microclimat Achitecture

We all know and love the outdoor spiral staircases that are a feature of many Montreal homes, but here are some that take the concept to the next level. Created by Atelier Raouf Boutros Architecte, these gigantic staircases are known as "Les 4 Arbres" and are a defining feature of the Plateau condos to which they are attached.

Located on 4878 Henri-Julien, the condo complex has everything you'd need in a home, plus the extra-awesome addition of wooden spirals that take you from the ground floor all the way to the rooftop terrace, with a door leading out to the stairs in each condo. Large wooden panels surround the stairs, making it a much safer version of the standard spiral staircase, especially in winter.

All of the condos in the complex are sold, which sucks to anyone wanting to live in these spacious and well-lit homes that have the coolest staircases in the city, but at least you can take a look at the photos below and imagine living at "Les 4 Arbres".

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