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Montreal's L'Gros Luxe Is Opening Up Its 3rd Restaurant In Montreal

And they are asking you where it should be.
Montreal's L'Gros Luxe Is Opening Up Its 3rd Restaurant In Montreal

Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

Grilled cheese, Caesars, and avocado fries, all are now synonymous in Montreal with the city's trendiest resto-bar of recent memory, L'Gros Luxe. Business has been booming for the Plateau eatery since its opening in April (you'll still be hard-pressed to find a table on a Friday night) to the point that a second location opened up only a few months later in the Mile End. Soon, Montreal may get a third.

Last night, L'Gros Luxe polled Montrealon Facebook with the question "If we were opening another L'Gros Luxe, which location do you suggest us?" using the very approporiate hashtag of #justcurious. We doubt the question was posed simply for funsies (though that is a possibility) given L'Gros Luxe's ongoing success, a third resto-bar isn't out of the realm of possibilities. We'd love a third option, and so would many of you.

In the span of 14 hours, the status received 236 comments, with Montrealers posting their recommendations for the third L'Gros Luxe locale. Popular suggestions include Rosemont, Villeray, Dix30, and many more. Below are the three most-liked suggestions:

  • Hochelaga - 26 likes
  • Old Montreal - 24 likes
  • St. Henri/Verdun - 19

Now, this doesn't mean you're going to find a new L'Gros Luxe in Hochelaga next month, but it doesn't mean there won't be one in the future. Time will tell and all that, we just hope that L'Gros Luxe isn't just playing with our heart strings and teasing at a new location for no reason, because Montreal needs more avocado fries.

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