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Montreal's L'Gros Luxe Restaurant Made A Bacon Donut Burger

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Montreal's L'Gros Luxe Restaurant Made A Bacon Donut Burger

Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

Paula Deen tore the brunch world asunderwhen she recreated the classic breakfast burger, subbing out boring old bread buns for Krispy Kreme-style glazed donuts. Indulgent, yes. Calorically ginormous, of course. Mother truckin' delicious, hands down definitely. We may have scoffed before, but a donut-bun burger sounds like the tastiest way eat some beef, and Montreal L'Gros Luxe brightened diners days yesterday with their own version.

On special a few days ago, L'Gros Luxe created a Donut Bacon Burger, with regular and peameal bacon, a beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and, of course, a glazed donut sandwiching all the fillings. To lighten things up, the burger was served with a salad on the side, you know, to help diners feel better about eating a bunch of bacon and a donut. Best yet, it only costed $8.

L'Gros Luxe's Bacon Donut Burger cements the resto's place as a go-to brunch (or anytime) spot in Montreal. Not only does L'Gros Luxe sport an amazing array of Caesars (with special Sunday creations) like the Cream Cheese Bagel Caesar) but the resto-bar also boasts sinful dishes like the Nutella French Toast and Tater Tot Poutine, all of which are serious hangover and/or hunger pain cures.

The Bacon Donut Burger was only available at L'Gros Luxe on September 30th, though if there is enough popular support, we wouldn't doubt that the sweet and savoury combo could make a return to the menu. You have your mission Montreal, like, share, and talk about the Donut Bacon Burger enough, and we can get our hungry hands on it again.

Check our more of L'Gros Luxe's food and drink creations by heading to their Facebook page and Instagram feed.

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