Montreal's Lionel Groulx Metro Now Has Cell Phone Charging Stations

Charge up while on the go.

Photo cred - Joshua McRae

Starting your day off without a fully charged cellphone makes for a whole mess of stress. Unless you're one of those supremely prepared people who always has a charger on hand, realizing your phone is on 20% battery when you're already enacting your morning commute means you may be incommunicado for a bit of the day, which is never alright. One Montreal metro station has a solution, offering metro riders a chance to charge their phones before they get to work or school. Let's hope more stations follow suit.

Lionel-Groulx station, right by the Aldo free wifi setup on the station's first level (Montmorency and Honoré-Beaugrand), has two cellphone charging docks, giving you a quick power up while on the go. Apparently a thing since April, we only became aware of Lionel-Groulx's phone charging station this past weekend, and wanted to make sure everyone was aware of the service.

One minor muff up is the the lack of any iPhone 5 (and beyond) charging cord. Standard smartphone USB cords are there, as are older gen iPhone chargers, but the more modern Apple charger is strangely absent. Fix that up, create more charging docks in other major metro stations, and the stress of having a near-empty cellphone battery while heading to work/school in the morning (or whenever) will be nonexistent.

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