Montreal's Lionel-Groulx STM Metro Station Now Has "Santa Claus Break Dancers"

Photo cred - Dudley Orestil

Forget everything you know about Old Saint Nick. In your head he may be chubby, jolly, and not the grooviest, but the king of Christmas is a little different at Lionel-Groulx metro station. At Lionel-Groulx, there is not one, but two Santas, and they're damn fly.

Right between the orange and green lines in Lionel-Groulx, two gents rocking classic Santa gear were seen grooving to the beats of Michael Jackson (which seems to be a running theme in the metro) and Montrealer Dudley Orestil did his civic duty and took a video so we could see the Xmas-y dance magic happen. And thank the holiday gods he did.

The two Santas really rock it, yet the entire time, no metro rider seems to give a smuck, as they all walk by and race to the grab their trains. No one is in too much of a rush to not be able to enjoy some quality breakdancing to MJ, ever.

Check out Lionel-Groulx's Santa Claus Break Dancers in the video below, and they let us know that they'll be back this Friday so you can check them out in person!


Dudley Orestil

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