Montreal's Little Burgundy Named The City's Hottest New Neighbourhood

Oh ya, and Mile Ex too.
Montreal's Little Burgundy Named The City's Hottest New Neighbourhood

Photo cred - Rachel Says Hi

Keeping track of the 'it' neighborhood is pretty hard in Montreal. St. Henri used to be the latest borough to be in, so did Mile End, and now Little Italy is looking to be the hippest 'hood. Until then, though, two Montreal neighborhoods will enjoy their time in the spotlight, as even American writers have become aware of their awesomeness, with the Boston Globe citing Little Burgundy and Mile Ex as Montreal's hottest new 'hoods.

Boston Globe author Christopher Muther took a trip to MTL-town recently only to find that things had changed a bit. While the popular boroughs were still trendy, he found that a new vibrant energy was popping up in the city's smaller spaces, namely Little Burgundy and Mile Ex.

Citing the recent upsurge of trendy 20-somethings that have dominated both areas as the reason for the LG and Mile Ex's newfound glamour (which we can't deny), Muther then gives a rundown of each neighborhood's hottest spots. One can't talk about Little Burgundy without mentioning Joe Beef, the Lachine Canal, Grinder, or Joe Beef, which Muther does, of course, while also mentioning Tuck Shop, Bitoque, Evvo, and Drinkerie. Muther's Mile Ex recommendations included NDQ, Dinette Triple Crown, and a random "illegal" pop-up warehouse party, a staple of the 'hood that is the newest craze in hipster parties.

For an American, Muther does a pretty good job of describing the vibe of both neighborhoods, though he is pretty much just telling us what we already know, namely that Little Burgundy and Mile Ex are the latest-greatest places to live, dine, or go out in Montreal at the moment.

One incredibly curious thing about the piece, and potentially ruins Muther's MTL-cred, is the photo below, included in the original article's companion-image gallery. The photo is impliclty placed in either Mile Ex or Little Burgundy, but the thing is, it's actually in the Plateau, in an alleyway just off St. Laurent towards Rachel. I know because I took almost the exact same photo. Unless there is a carbon-copy tag in one either Mile Ex or LG, it looks like someone didn't use map their graff too well.

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