Montreal's Lucien L'Allier Metro Station Has Been Turned Into A NHL Rink

Only in Montreal.

Photo cred - sonia_kp

Hockey season takes over Montreal like no other city, with Habs love extending to every corner of the city, even underground. Not that we'd have to convince you of that fact, but you can see proof for yourself at Lucien L'Allier metro, where TVA Sports transformed the turnstile entrance into a hockey rink replica.

To mark the beginning of the season, TVA has used the city's Habs + hockey love to cleverly promote their own sports broadcast, albeit in a pretty fun way. Stepping through the Lucien L'Allier metro is like walking onto an NHL rink, just without the slippery ice.

Taking it a tad too far, in our humble opinion, are the cut-outs of the TVA Sports team staring you down as you walk through the station. The whole broadcast team blankly smiling at you is a little unnerving and creepy, not to mention a little over the top. The massive TVA logos everywhere pretty much got the point across that they set up the whole thing, metro riders don't need another visual cue telling them so.

Despite being a giant advertisement, the whole thing is still pretty fun and cool. Screens in the metro will also be playing Habs matches for the next couple of Saturdays, reports Infopresse, another boon to hockey fans enacted by TVA, one a little more subtle and beneficial.

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