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Montreal's "Magic Mike" Bar Every Girl Needs To Go To For Their Next Girls' Night Out

Treat yoself to some godly bodies.
Montreal's "Magic Mike" Bar Every Girl Needs To Go To For Their Next Girls' Night Out

Friends, life is stressful. Not going to lie, some days I just want to lock myself in my house with a bottle of wine and Netflix and drink away all the rough spots of my day (but there's not enough wine in a bottle for that, amiright?)

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Sometimes, though, all you need to feel better about everything is to get together with your closest friends and drink/dance/enjoy the night away.

Trust, a girls' night is basically like a mini therapy session. And when you and your BFFs are down to get a little wild, there's probably no better place than Montreal's Stock Bar (1171 Sainte-Catherine E).

Stock Bar is one of Montreal's many awesome gay bars - and it happens to feature totally nude dancers.

Photo cred - Tony Dinero for Stock Bar

On Wednesdays, Stock Bar hosts its weekly Ladies Night, featuring naked dancers, bottle specials, contests (for example, the purchase of a bottle of Grey Goose gets you the chance for a 30 minute VIP experience with your favorite dancer), and a super fun, super wild ambiance.

So if you and your BFFs are down for this brand of wild on your next ladies night out, then you know exactly where you need to go.

Sound like the most fun you could possibly have? Then check out Stock Bar's Facebook page for more information.

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