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Montreal's Many Construction Sites Are Actually Making You Sick

You'll want to avoid them as much as possible.
Montreal's Many Construction Sites Are Actually Making You Sick

A lot of people have been feeling like crap lately in Montreal and you're probably one of them.

People are feeling light-headed, nauseous, tired, and they've also been getting random headaches.

And there may be an explanation out there that makes a lot more sense than simply blaming the changes in weather.

It might actually be all that construction making you sick.

The city of Montreal is currently undertaking the gargantuan task of replacing the old underground pipes, but to save time they're inserting new pipes inside the old pipes and sealing them using a resin. This process emits a fume that has been infiltrating nearby residences and making people sick.

via @ponto_mtl

The fumes have a very distinct smell and the city receives several complaints about it every year. Even in very small concentrations, the fumes can still affect people and cause headaches and nausea. You may even be having trouble concentrating and it can also make you feel drunk.

Other than that, the city claims these fumes don't actually cause any long term damage to your health.

A new technique has been tested in Quebec city that doesn't use any heat, which means there are no fumes. But the city of Montreal says that this process is too expensive because the special pipes need to be shipped from Europe.

On the other hand using the new process would mean the work would be done faster, it would require fewer vehicles and workers, and if that wasn't enough motivation, the work would also be quieter. So in the end the cost would be about the same.

Basically, there's no reason why the city should be using the new methods....Maybe all you sick people just need to complain more.

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