Montreal's McGill Student Statue On Sherbrooke Street Gets Pranked

Street artist Sautu gets satirical with student life.
Montreal's McGill Student Statue On Sherbrooke Street Gets Pranked

Any and everyone who walks on Sherbrooke by McGill College, just across the street from McGill University's Roddick Gates, will notice the strangely funny statue of a frantic student on their laptop looking kinda cray. Installed on the corner of Sherbrooke/McGill College only two years ago, the sculpture is inherently comical, but Montreal street artist Sautu has taken the sculpture one step further.

The student-statue showcases an obviously stressed young man on his laptop, and being across from McGill University, you expect him to be crazy busy with his studies. Sautu transforms the statue a bit and brings it closer to reality, putting a faux warning screen on the statues computer stating "Too Much Time Wasted On Social Media" with a clever "do something else" button right below.

As any student knows, even during exam time, when academic stresses are at their height, most folks spend even more time on social media. Sautu's addition to the statue is hilariously on point, and very clever. The artist attached the fake warning screen last night, so chances are you'll be able to see it heading to school today.

Many thanks to the artist, Sautu, for sending us these images, who you may remember from the shrinking Canada Post mailboxes seen outside Laurier metro last month. Check out Sautu's latest work below, and here's hoping next month brings another awesome work of street art.

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