Montreal's McGill University Bans E-Cigarettes

Taking a step in probably the right direction.

Photo cred - Anas Wattar (McGill student) for McGill University

One more Montreal educational institution has jumped on the anti-e-cig bandwagon, as McGill University has officially amended its smoking policy to include, and thus prohibit, electronic cigarettes/vaporizers.

McGill officially changed its stance on e-cigs as of September 22nd, when the university's amendment was put in place, which equates e-cigs with their standard counterpart. So anywhere you can't smoke at McGill, you can now no longer vap it up.

Not the first school in Montreal to change its smoking policy to include e-cigs, McGill's decision comes after Université de Montréal's and College Montmorency's ban on e-cigs which became effective in October and September, respectively.

So McGill e-cig users, it's time to take it outside, and just in time for winter!

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