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Montreal's McGill University Girls Want “Sugar Daddies” More Than Anyone In Quebec

Students have it pretty rough right now. Despite the failing economy, tuition prices are still increasing all across the nation, leaving a fair amount of students in a difficult financial situation.

But some Canadian students have found a rather lucrative, if not controversial, solution to the issue of financing one's tuition: get a Sugar Daddy.

Yes, whether you might approve or not, more and more students in Canada are becoming "Sugar Babies," as evidenced by the latest report released by, an online network devoted to helping Sugar Daddies/Mommas find their ideal (or simply younger and not as financially autonomous) partner.

Ranking schools in Canada based on the amount of new sign-ups onto the site in the last year, was able to name the nation's Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools, with McGill University earning one of the top spots. Whether that's a bad or good thing depends on you.

Now, it's worth noting that both male and female students can be a "sugar baby," though after perusing SeekingArrangement's website, it's pretty clear which gender is their target demographic for new users. So we can only assume women make up the majority of Sugar Babies documented in SeekingArrangement's annual report, but there could be more men in the mix then we might think.

And given the perks a Sugar Baby receives from their respective patrons, I can see why any man or woman would sign up on SeekingArrangement. Seriously, it seems like a pretty sweet setup, especially since sex definitely isn't a prerequisite in any way.

According to SeekingArrangement's findings, the 156,715 sugar baby students in Canada (who are mostly between the ages of 21-27) receive about $2,600 in "allowance" every single month. Note that those quotation marks were used by SeekingArrangements in their press release, and not added by me to be cheeky.

With the added funds, SeekingArrangement then makes the argument that sugar babies gain the ever-elusive boon of financial stability, along with mentorship and business/networking opportunities.

The website's CEO Brandon Wade claims SeekingArrangement has "helped facilitate hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of arrangements that have helped students graduate debt-free," then pointing out "that's more than anyone can say of the Government of Canada.”

Quite the claim, and the way in which SeekingArrangement is orienting itself as some sort of saviour for broke students is a little much, but if students who would normally be unable to afford basic services are able to thrive thanks to being a Sugar Baby, who are we to judge?

And to the folks who are undoubtedly shaming any and all individuals who would use such a service, lets not forget that who a woman or man chooses to be with, for any reason, is their decision, and no one else's. These students are legal adults, after all.

Students at McGill University obviously don't seem to mind any potential criticisms they might receive for being a Sugar Baby, though, as the list of Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools below will demonstrate. While McGill didn't get the top spot, it sure did come close.

Laval University nor UQAM didn't do too bad for themselves either, both ranked within the top ten.

Check out the list of Fastest Growing Sugar Baby Schools below, with the number adjacent to the university indicating the number of new sign ups.

1. University of Toronto - 133

2. University of Guelph - 122

4. McGill University - 110

3. Carleton University - 108

5. University of Ottawa - 92

6. York University - 90

8. University of Saskatchewan - 80

7. Laval University - 67

9. University of British Columbia - 56

10. L'Université du Québec à Montréal - 51

11. University of Western Ontario - 46

12. University of Winnipeg - 41

13. University of Alberta - 35

14. Macewan University - 32

15. Simon Fraser University - 31

16. Ryerson University - 30

17. University of Victoria - 29

18. University of Windsor - 27

19. University of Calgary - 23

20. University of Waterloo - 22

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