Montreal's McGill University Is Hosting A Massive Snowball Fight This Afternoon

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Snow is here and everywhere, so why not make the best of the winter-tastic situation and partake in some classic seasonal mayhem by participating in today's giant snowball fight at McGill.

As is apparently tradition (a similar event was held in 1900) students at McGill University are putting together a massive snowball for all to partake in. Fling some snowflakes and alleviate some exam stress, or just make the best of a very snowy day in Montreal, either way, prepare for a snowball battle of epic proportions.

Here's the rundown on the event:

  • Snowball warriors will meet at 4pm in front of McGill's main/Roddick Gates
  • Those gathered will then divide into two groups and the battle will begin
  • No grabbing will be permitted during the snowball fight, and only soft snow (no ice) can be thrown
  • Anyone with their hand raised is safe and cannot be attacked, this will be the "safety word" for the fight
  • An individual who uses the above as a means to sneak attack someone will be subject to an attack from both sides of the battle

You can head to the McGill SnowBall Fight event page here, though you may need to be in a McGill network to join. There is another event scheduled for tomorrow, though you want the powder to be fresh, so best to get in on the action today.

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