Montreal's McGill University Set To Break Record For Biggest Brownie In The World

Nothing beats free food, especially gigantic free food.
Montreal's McGill University Set To Break Record For Biggest Brownie In The World

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Is bigger always better? When it comes to baked goods, the answer is always yes. Montreal will get a chance to mack on a sinfully gigantic sweet treat today, thanks to McGill and their Student Housing and Hospitality Services, who have created a gargantuan brownie for their on-campus food fair.

Branded the "World's Largest Fairtrade Brownie & Food Show," the event will be held from 12pm to 5pm right on McGill's lower field, just a bit ahead of the Roddick Gates on Sherbrooke and McGill College. All are invited to attend all day (non-students too), but the main attraction/brownie cutting will go down at 3:30pm.

The brownie itself, which aims to break all previous brownie world records, measures at an astonishing 30x15 feet and will weigh about 3, 5000 pounds. To make such an epic brownie, over 8, 400 eggs, 1, 440 lbs of sugar, 720 lbs of margarine, 540 lbs of flour, 360 lbs of cocoa powder and 420 lbs of dark chocolate were used, all being fair trade or locally produced

Obviously the brownie is the main attraction but there's a lot more food to be eaten at the event. 27 food tents will be on-site giving out free samples, such as Première Moisson, Coca-Cola, St-Viateur Bagel and more. Maybe don't buy lunch today and head to McGill.

The university's biggest-ever brownie comes after the world-record breaking fruit salad from last year's event. Glad to know McGill has money to throw for making excessivly large portions of food, but I'm sure a few Arts students are miffed the money didn't go to funding more classes.

Get all the info at theofficial event listing here. Otherwise, head over to McGill for some free giant brownie, just be sure to bring your own milk.

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