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Montreal's Mile End Opens Its Free "Endless Possibilities Market" Today

Let the summer-long weekend market & parties begin.

Weekends in the Mile End will now be filled with endless possibilities for fun, thanks to the launch of Marché des Possibles. Beginning tonight, and running every weekend for the rest of the summer, Marché des Possibles (put on by Pop Montreal) looks to be a hot mix of all things fun, and all for free.

Tonight (Friday, July 11th) is the launch of Marché des Possibles, and the event series will begin with four DJ sets, tons of food trucks, and a plethora of vendors and kiosks selling their wares. Find out everything at the launch party's FB event page.

Saturday & Sunday will feature day-long events, so the fun won't stop on Friday. Saturday's main event is an evening trivia competiton, with Sunday's headliners being a special yoga event and musical performances. Food trucks and the mini-market will be at every day, so no matter the daily theme/event, you'll have some cool stuff to check out.

Every weekend will be a different experience at Marché des Possibles, making the site a source of entertainment every weekend. The spot will never change (5635 St. Dominique, map) but the shows, performances, and events will. Head to the official website to be aware of all the possibilities for fun at Mile End's Marché des Possibles.

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