Montreal's Mile-End Will Be Transformed Into A Massive Free Weekend Market

Local brands, musicians and tasty treats!
Montreal's Mile-End Will Be Transformed Into A Massive Free Weekend Market

POP MTL is a massive international music and arts festival that comes in at the end of summer every year, and to me, is sort of an unofficial close to the festival season. 

Previous years have been hit and miss for some attendees. This festival takes a little bit of effort. POP MTL is very eclectic. You won't find a ton of big-name acts, and you really gotta pay attention to everything happening to really take it in and do a justice. 

This is not to mean this festival doesn't deliver some gems every year! I have enjoyed seeing the man of filth himself, John Waters, at prior years.

They have also delivered one of the coolest shows I've been too, with the Godfather of disco Georgio Moroder lighting up a classic Montreal basilica! 

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Via marchedespossibles

The point is, POP MTL is a festival dedicated to the music, arts, and film that you likely don't know about - but you absolutely should. 

This year, as we get closer to their full festival dates in September, the people behind this massive festival have got a special little something in-store for Montreal's summer weekends. 

For the 5th year, Marché des Possibles will take over the Mile-End, and POP MTL will be delivering 6 weekends of events starting this Friday, June 22nd! 

Vous cherchez comment vous rendre au Marché? Et voilà. À bientôt!

May 30, 2018

Don't forget, the first official day of Summer is this coming Thursday! 

As usual, you can expect local artisans to be showcasing their products. Some of the most amazing art I own has been purchased at events and markets such as this. 

Via marchedespossibles

There will also be live music (of course) from local artists that are totally worth knowing about, pop-up restaurants and vendors - and much more. 

So far, they have the weekend line-up for their first two weekends announced, and you can check out this great Soundcloud playlist showcasing some of the talents that will be on hand this weekend (June 22-24), and the following. 

Marché des Possibles will be open every weekend, for the next 6 weeks of summer. You can find more details here on their official Facebook page. 

Watch out for updates on the weekend lineups as they come by following their event page, too! 

This is it. We did it. Summer is here (in two days, but whatever)!

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