Montreal's Minimum Wage Is Going Up In 2015

Hooray for the underpaid.
Montreal's Minimum Wage Is Going Up In 2015

Photo cred - L'Gros Luxe

All of your hard work serving customers, wiping counters, and basically dealing with the minimum wage struggle will pay off a bit more next year, as the Quebec minimum wage is set to increase in 2015, reports The Gazette.

Officially in effect on May 1, 2015, the province's basic rate for pay will go up by 20 cents, from $10.35 to $10.55 per hour.

Server wages will also go up, but by 15 cents, to increase from $9.05 to $9.20 per hour.

Quebec's Labour Minister announced the happy news yesterday morning, a decree that is sure to please everyone who knows they don't get paid enough to put up with all of the garbage of a minimum wage job. Yeah, you probably still won't be paid enough to deal with bitchy customers, but at least you'll be getting a bit more than before.

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