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Montreal's Mont-Royal Street Is Hosting A "Glow Yoga Rave" Tomorrow Night

Party in warrior pose.
Montreal's Mont-Royal Street Is Hosting A "Glow Yoga Rave" Tomorrow Night

Photo cred - OVida Fitness

An unlikely trio have combined into one Montreal event that is actually the most amazing mix of the party and fitness world we've seen yet. Glow parties, rave tunes, and yoga (of all things) will join forces during the BUTI Glo Yoga Rave, put on by OVida fitness on Mont-Royal tomorrow night.

A yoga-party unlike anything you've experienced (many thanks to for bringing this to our attention) the BUTI Glo Yoga Rave will be a multicoloured yoga class that will be both calming and energetic, if that's even possible. No special requirements are need to join in on the rave, aside from wearing white or neon and being ready to do some yoga.

One key difference, however, is the type of yoga being performed itself. For all those unaware, Buti Yoga is a style of fitness all its own. Combining power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics, Buti Yoga is more action-packed than your standard yoga sesh, and definitely fits into the rave theme of the class.

Spaces are limited for the BUTI Glo Yoga Rave, but if spots run out and the demand is high, you can expect another glow-yoga-rave to be held by OVida in the near future. Get all the details by heading to the official event page and OVida's Facebook page here.

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