Montreal's Mont-Royal To Get A "FUCKYEAHMTL" Sign?

One could argue that this is blasphemy or the best thing ever.
Montreal's Mont-Royal To Get A "FUCKYEAHMTL" Sign?

Photo cred - Joe Favre

Montreal has been abuzz with discussion for 2017, when the city will celebrate its 375th anniversary, and one proposed project made the biggest splash this week: the construction of an 'MTL' sign atop Mount Royal. Slightly controversial, many are not on board with the MTL sign because it will take away from the religious significance of the Mount Royal Cross. Well those folks definitely won't like this idea then.

Introducing the (logical?) next step in the evolution of the MTL sign, this is the FUCKYEAHMTL Mount Royal sign.. Not content with a simple three letter sign perched above the city, one unknown Montrealer created this concept-image, adding in the internet-infamous tagline of "FUCKYEAH." Usually added alongside "kittens" or "MerylStreep," or anything people are passionate about, the FUCKYEAH pairs well with MTL, at least in that last respect.

Crude? A tad.  Over the top? Definitely, but hilarious and kind of amazing? Yes and yes. The possibility of having a FUCKYEAHMTL sign on Mount Royal is next to impossible and would only happen in the most peculiar of timelines, we can't help but wish it would be installed in this reality. Montrealers passionately love their city, and nothing would say that more to the world than a giant "FUCKYEAHMTL" staring the world in the face.

At the least, this should be made into a t-shirt.

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