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Best Montreal Vietnamese Restaurants

Where to get good Vietnamese food all around Montreal.
Best Montreal Vietnamese Restaurants

Vietnamese cuisine has so much to offer your taste buds. During the long winter months, nothing beats a warming and hearty bowl of pho (pronounced 'fuh'). banh mi, Vietnamese sandwiches, are also the tastiest and most filling food you can get for the low price of $5. Throw in delicious noodles, dumplings, spring rolls, and meats, and you can begin to see why people go nuts for Vietnamese foods.

Montreal is home to many Vietnamese and Asian-fusion restaurants, making it hard to find the best among the rest. We've read the reviews, scoured the streets, and eaten the food to make your life a little easier when you want some legit Vietnamese cuisine. Read on and beware of hunger pangs.

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Nguyen Phi (6260, ch de la cote-des-Neiges)

Ranked number one on ShutUpandEat's list of Montreal's best pho joints, Nguyen Phi deserves its spot. Brewing all around perfect Pho (loaded with tons of meat and noodles, in perfect proportion), Nguyen Phi is a small spot that delivers huge on flavour. With prices for pho, and most other dishes, at a super affordable 10 dollars (including tax!), this is a Vietnamese spot you should always keep in mind.

Photos courtesy of Shutup and Eat

Vua (1579 St Denis)

Vua is basically the best place for Vietnamese on the go, and my personal favourite banh mi joint in the city. Seven inch sandwiches start at $3.25, with ten inches only 50 cents more, both of which will definitely fill you up, depending on your hunger levels. If you're too wary too try out a Vietnamese sandwich, Vua also does European style sandwiches at the same price, and just as good. Littered with TONS of other delicious meals and snacks (including bubble tea), Vua is a dream shop of delicious and cheap eats.

Pho Bang New York (1001 St. Laurent)

In the heart of Chinatown, Pho Bang New York is Montreal's largest Vietnamese restaurant, with a reputation to back it up. Pho is the favourite dish on the menu, in small or large sizes, but tons of rice and vermicelli dishes are also served, with whatever meat you desire. Weed out the million other Vietnamese places on the same block and go for the best.

Restaurant Banh Xeo Minh (1308 Bélanger)

If you want something other than pho, Banh Xeo Minh is a good spot for less widespread Vietnemese dishes. The classic noodle soup is on the menu, of course, but why not be adventurous and try out some of the restaurants specialties, like their epic banh xeo (sizzling pancakes/crepes) of the resto's namesake. Very homey with legit Vietnamese home cooking.

Photo courtesy of Shutup and Eat

Pho Nam Quan (3562 Jarry E)

Up in Villeray, in a refurbished basement apartment no less, Pho Nam Quan is worth the journey. Beefy is the best word to describe the soup in this joint, as its full bodied, full of flavour, and chocked full of beefy meats. Whoever lives above this place is in soup heaven.

Pho Bac 97 (1015 St. Laurent)

Another resto in Chinatown, only Pho Bac 97 isn't the place to go to for pho (although some tout it as the best), as the other dishes are a much better option . You can get combination orders which included rolls (fresh spring or imperial), a soup (like beef and vermicelli) and a main course dish all served with delectable sauces (that sweet vinegary one and crunchy peanut). Very fair in price (meals under $10), Pho Bac 97 is great if your with people who want a lot of variety.

Cafe Saigon (1280 St. Andre)

If you find yourself in the Village and fiending some Vietnamese food, Cafe Saigon is your best bet. Although a little dive-y looking, this place delivers on flavour at a very fair price. Quick and greasy foods are what this place does best, so try out their chicken fried rice, ginger chicken, or many of the other meat+noodle-rice dishes. You won't be disappointed.

Huai Huong (5485 Victoria Avenue)

You got a lot of option at Huai Hong. The pho is legit, and will warm you up in a jiffy. Barbecue pork is a favourite, paired with shrimp chips and wild rice noodles, both pretty cool and seldom seen sides. You can also go with the beef in vine leaves dish, an interactive meal where you can make your own little beef roll-ups and dip it in their homemade peanut sauce. Need a caffeine boost? Order up a Vietnamese iced coffee at the end of your meal, brewed right at your table and left up to you to make to your personal specifications. Better yet, its bring your own wine!

Pho Lien (5703 Cote-des-Neiges)

Yelpers love Pho Lien, and for good reason. Pho is the star of Pho Lien, as the name would suggest, with both chicken and beef broth pho on delicious lockdown. The menu is somewhat limited, but just get the soup and you'll be happy. Rounded out with friendly staff and Vietnamese coffee, and you have a legit pho joint.

Dao Vien (5623 Cote-des-Neiges)

Dao Vien has the pho staples, as well as some more exotic choices for those looking to break out of the culinary box, like escargot soup or ban cuon (rolled cake). Recently reopened with new management, menu, and decorations, Dao Vien has a bunch northern and southern style dishes just waiting to be discovered.

Did your favourite Vietnamese restaurant not make the list? Want to share some love on those mentioned? Either way, sound off in the comments below!

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