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Montreal's Most Beautiful Couples

This will make you jealous in the best possible way.
Montreal's Most Beautiful Couples

One thing Montreal is known for is beautiful people. When two hearts fall in love, it's the most wonderful thing in the world. Call it superficial, but I'm a sucker for a good eye candy. So why not celebrate love and smile in awe at how beautiful these unions are? We don't need to wait for Valentines to glorify romance! Without further ado, here are Montreal's most beautiful couples.

Alex Galchenyuk, #27 from Montreal Canadiens and his girlfriend Chanel.

Photo cred - Jenna Shapiro

Tv/radio host Benoît Gagnon with his better half, Jenna.

Lino Lozza, part-owner of Ristorante Buonanotte and his wife, Marie-Pier.

Laurie Doucet and Jean-Marc Couture.

Jérémie Falissard, executive chef behind Barroco and Bocata with his girlfriend, Cath Bédard.

Rebecca Perez, MTL Blog writer, and her love doctor, Jonathan Assayag.

Photo cred - Yad Del Angerink

Yan, owner of Anger Ink Tattoo Shop and his better half, Anne-Cath.

Thomas, the master mind behind Santos, Tommy Cafe and Dolcetto with his woman, Marie-France.

A popular Montreal blogger and entrepreneur, Camille, is being adorable with her man, Marc.

Ex Occupation Double star and blogger, Sarah Couture, goofing around with her beau.

Epic Meal Time host, Harley Morenstein, with his gorgeous girlfriend, Andee.

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