These Are Montreal's Most Chronic Diseases

Illnesses that kill 70% of the city's population.
These Are Montreal's Most Chronic Diseases

One in every three Montrealers over the age of 15 suffer from a chronic disease, a health condition that is continuous with effects that are long-lasting.

A survey conducted by Montreal's department of public health (Enquête TOPO) studied 11, 000 Montrealers and found the following to be the most prevalent chronic diseases in the city:

  • Hypertension - 17%
  • Asthma - 8%
  • Heart Disease - 8%
  • Mood Disorders - 7%
  • Diabetes - 7%

70% of premature deaths in Montreal are caused by chronic illness (as cited by CJAD), making them more dangerous than you'd think, . Something to keep in mind if you suffer from one of the above.

Do you have a chronic illness?

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