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Montreal's Most Dangerous Intersections For Cyclists

Where to take extra caution.
Montreal's Most Dangerous Intersections For Cyclists

It's no secret that Montreal has some pretty crazy drivers, and some even crazier cyclists. As it turns out, when they all meet at an intersection some not so great things can happen. A report released by Journal Metro has taken a look at all 2,000+ collisions between bikes and cars that occurred between 2012 and 2014 in Montreal, and out of those accidents 65% occurred in an intersection and 18% occurred near an intersection...clearly, things aren't looking so hot for intersections.

According to the report the three worst places for intersection accidents are as follows:

  1. Saint Denis and Laurier: the high volume bike lane on Laurier passes through Saint Denis, which is one of the worst streets in Montreal traffic-wise
  2. Rachel Street: while the bike path along Rachel is separate from the cars, there is no separation at the intersections, where there are many cars turning
  3. Ontario Street: it's a bit of a free for all with no layout in place to help cyclists

While those are the most frequent places, this problem of cars hitting bicycles in intersections is widespread all over Montreal. According to the Public Health Department of Montreal, some potential solutions include making cyclists more visible, expanding bike lanes at intersections, and traffic lights for cyclists.

In all fairness, while I'm sure some of it does, the fault of all of these accidents can't lie solely with the car drivers. I can't remember the last time I saw a cyclist stop at a stop sign, or wait at a red light if there wasn't any oncoming traffic. Maybe a little stricter enforcement of the rules of the road would be more beneficial than anything.

Check out the full report here.

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