Montreal's Most Famous Chef Thinks Toronto Has Better Food

Montreal's Most Famous Chef Thinks Toronto Has Better Food

David McMillan is arguably the most famous chefs in Montreal.   

But the co-owner of Joe Beef has recently decided that Toronto is a better food destination than Montreal. 

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According to CBC, McMillan praised Toronto's restaurants as well as Ontario's meat and produce. He even said he wants to start cooking there.

But the main reason why he says Montreal is being overtaken by Toronto when it comes to food is:

"There haven't been many new restaurants. As far as competition, there hasn't been much growth" 

Of course we will defend Montreal's food scene with out last breath, and this is just one chef's opinion.

Plus this could actually be a good thing. Now instead of resting on our laurels as Canada's top food destination, Montreal's food scene finally has some decent competition, which will only push us to be better. 

Toronto may have won this battle but Montreal will win the war.