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Montreal's Most Magical Murals

A selection of Montreal's beautiful street art.
Montreal's Most Magical Murals

Despite technically being punishable by law, Montreal celebrates the graffiti and street art adorning the walls of its many buildings. Several festivals have sprung up in the last few years specifically focusing on graffiti culture and creaition. Mu was commissioned by the City of Montreal in 2008 to create 11 unique murals, the MURAL festival occurred over the summer, and many other smaller events (like MTL Blog's EarthCrusher video release party and interview) are a testament to the strong street-art culture of Montreal. To celebrate the art found on MTL's city streets, here are some of Montreal's most magical murals.

Gotta give credit where credit is due: Carler Bernier-Genest inspired this post and ranked many of these murals in hiw own list. Check out the original article for some more background on some of these murals and others.

Four Season in Habitations Jeanne-Mance (Seen from Maisonneuve or Ontario)





When I Grow Up, I Will Remain A Child (Decarie/Sherbrooke West)

White Tiger (Saint-Zotique/Marquette)

Turtle Island (Dézéry/La Fontaine)

City Stag (Ville-Marie/South La Fontaine)

Barré (St.Dominique/Sherbrooke)

A Hundred Reasons, A Landscape (Parc-Ex)

The list and photos can go on and on. Be sure to check in again for another series of murals, or let us know your personal favourites in the comments below!

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