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Montreal's Most Talented Women Chefs

Getting hot in here.
Montreal's Most Talented Women Chefs

Montreal is a city known for its fast-growing restaurant industry, but what about recognizing the women behind these gastronomic enterprises?

The kitchen is a stressful environment and mostly handled by hot men in tattoos. Not that we're complaining, every woman loves a man who can cook. But, we also know the way to a man's heart is through his stomach - and these ladies are making them all fall in love...

Let’s give a hand of applause to our hardworking Montreal women who are doing it big! Here’s the list of Montreal's most talented women chefs.

Gabrielle Rivard-Hiller

HOT ALERT. Yes, she is bathing in maple sirup. Gabrielle is the Pastry Chef au Pied de Cochon.

photo cred - Vanessa Percher

Vanessa Percher

Owner at Veganessa.


photo cred - Cynthia Iaboni

Cynthia Iaboni

Le Serpent.


photo red - Emma Cardarelli

Emma Cardarelli

Owner at Nora Gray along with her partners.


Melissa Craig

Executive Chef.

Nathalie Des Rosiers

Young and powerful.

photo cred - Nilu Fereidouni

Nilu Fereidouni

Culinary Chef/artist and food blogger traveling the world.

Check out her foodgasmic Instagram

Helena Loureiro

Helena became Chef & Owner of PortusCalle Restaurant, a Portugese fine cuisine restaurant, which she opened over 10 years ago.


Fisun Ercan

The mastermind behind Restaurant Su and Barbounya.


Nadia Giosia

Montreal's very own superstar. Nadia has been featured on Foot Network Canada and Celebrity Chef. She is the writer, co-producer and host of: Nadia G's Bitchin Kitchen. Although she no longer lives in Montreal, she was born and raised here which makes her an authentic Montrealer at heart.


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