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Montreal's Most Unusual Bars

Wow, so cool!
Montreal's Most Unusual Bars

When it comes to nightlife, Montreal is the undisputed king of all things fun if you ask me. I even wrote an article last week explaining why I think Montreal is better than Toronto in this department. We really know how to have fun in our city.

There is a broad variety of bars to choose from in Montreal. Today, I want to make you discover our city's most unusual bars with the most unique concepts. Just helping you to make fun weekend plans... you're welcome!

1. Nacho Libre

913 Rue Beaubien E

Nacho Libre is everything you ever wanted in a bar: Mexican food, swinging chairs and old school video games. Enough said.


2. Electric Avenue

1476 Crescent St

Electric Avenue is a cool retro disco bar located on Crescent street. You'll feel like you traveled back in time to the era of shiny disco balls and funky hairstyles.


Photo cred - Brutus

3. Bar Brutus

1290 Rue Beaubien E

Retro bar with an outstanding selection of drinks, retro decor and a menu primarily focused on... wait for it... BACON!


4. Fitzroy

551 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

It's a huge loft with pool tables, baby foot, bar and lounge area that has a charming atmosphere of Australian biergarden.


5. Big in Japan

4175 Boul St-Laurent

There is a cool secrecy factor to this bar. You need to really know where it's located, otherwise you'll walk right past its red entrance door.


6. Bar Datcha

98 Avenue Laurier O

It's a low lit cocktail bar with a Russian theme, innovative drinks and lots of dancing.


7. Mal Nécessaire

1106 B Boulevard Saint-Laurent

Stylish underground bar located in the heart of Chinatown. They also serve asian bites from the upstairs eatery.


Photo cred - Nightlife

8. Candi Bar

1148 Avenue du Mont-Royal E

Candi Bar is entirely devoted to, you guessed it, candy! Drinks topped with candy, candy dispensers... even their menu looks like a giant lollipop wheel.


9. Baron Samedi

3135 Rue Masson

Bar themed around New-Orleans with a Haitian vodou inspired decor. Dimmed light, Virgin Mary, skulls and other mysterious decoration items will transport you to another dimension.


10. Ping Pong Club

5788 Boul St-Laurent

It's a small bar with ping pong tables and a whole lot of fun. It's definitely unusual! They even serve alphabet soup, how cool is that?


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