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10 Of The Most Unusual Bar Bathrooms In Montreal

#5 Foufounes Electriques.
10 Of The Most Unusual Bar Bathrooms In Montreal

Restaurants and bars love having unique features and decorations to attract customers. The bathrooms are not usually a priority, because if you're using the bathroom chances are you're already a customer.

Some bathrooms however are so interesting that they have inspired an Australian Instagram user to start a movement he calls "Toilography". It started as joke about documenting unusual bathrooms from around the world, but the concept has since taken off. This has led him to post a reddit thread where he asked users to share some of Montreal's most unusual bathrooms.

1. The Whole Bonaventure Metro Station

Possibly the most interesting concept for a toilet. The whole Bonaventure Metro station is a very popular place for drunk people (and homeless people) to urinate. What makes this bathroom truly unique is the fact that it's underground AND it has a giant train running through it.

Bonaventure Metro

2. Joe Beef

Joe Beef has some interesting bathroom decorations, your toilet paper is dispensed by bull horns and there's a giant fuckin' bison head staring at you as you pee. The first thought that comes to mind is we hope that they keep the bathroom stocked with plenty of paper to dry your hands or that bison fur will be crusted with the hand filth of thousands of patrons.

Joe Beef

3. Bar Chez Serge

Every guy knows the unwritten rule of leaving a buffer urinal between yourself and other guys. When there's 3 urinals, you NEVER take the middle one. Luckily at Bar Chez Serge, you won't notice the creepy guy who decided to use the urinal right next to yours because you'll be too busy watching TV ... on the ceiling.

Bar Chez Serge

4. L'avenue

L'avenue's bathroom is covered in graffiti, paint and black lights. They also play The Neverending Story on a permanent loop, so we hope this restaurant never closes so that the story never has to end.


5. Foufounes Electriques

It's hard to go to the bathroom at Foufounes Electriques without taking a picture on your way out. The bathroom is completely plastered in seemingly random graffiti that all come together to create a chaotic masterpiece that you could stare at for hours. But don't, cuz y'know, you're in the bathroom and that would be weird.

Foufounes Electriques

6. Mozza

Restaurant Mozza in the village has an interesting bathroom. It's like a mini dance party complete with a disco ball, lights, and blaring music. As a former employee puts it: "every time I go to clean the bathrooms I feel like I'm on an acid trip". Plus there's a TV on the wall so you can watch a movie or the hockey game while you do your business.


7. New City Gas

New City Gas has found a good way to use peer pressure in order to ensure everyone washes their hands. As you exit the bathroom you find yourself in front of a giant co-ed hand washing station. It's the closest men and women come to peeing together.

New City Gas

8. Candi Bar

Candi bar just wanted an excuse to be colorful and we think they did a pretty good job. Now you can relieve yourself on your choice of either Tony the Tiger or a Rolling Stones album cover.

Candi Bar

9. Dominion Square

Walking into the bathroom at Dominion Square is like stepping back in time. Follow the Dominion of Canada tiles until you are led to a door marked Water Closet where you'll see a large Copper Basin turned into a sink as well as antique ornaments which include the toilet paper holders.

Dominion Square

10. Whisky Cafe

Whisky Cafe decided that men aren't the only ones who should be able to stand and pee, so they installed "The Urinette" which is a device made for women to use the urinal. Now we're not sure how clean that handle is or how exactly you're supposed to use it, but if any of you are daring enough to use it, please let us know what you thought.

They also decided to go all out in the men's room.

Whisky Cafe

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