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Montreal's "MOTO" To Showcase Artists That Represent The Future Of Music

For most, discovering new music means spending half of your day surfing Soundcloud for a horde of new beats, clicking through your bookmarked blogs, or maybe even listening to your favourite radio show, and most of the time , you'll be hearing the same things over and over again. The arrival of MOTO means you can now experience music in an entirely different way.

MOTO is a curation company. In the same sense as a museum or gallery, MOTO selects artists they believe represent the future of music and showcase them. Artists either collaborate with the venture to create exclusive creative projects like mixes, remixes or beats, or match them with others to create innovative events. MOTO is for the youth, educating its listeners and diversifying Montreal's nightlife.

Each event organized by MOTO will combine different innovative features like projections from talented VJs, live-streaming of the events online, and pop-up shops from local brands on-site.

March 1st marks the beginning of MOTO’s event series. They've started things off right by inviting Silver Gods made up of Ajust, from LoudLaryAjust and Ruffsound (recognized in the Montreal Hip Hop community for his instrumental raps and productions), Dr. MaD, member of the amazing collective ALAIZ (known for his soul-jazz/lo-fi beats), Cannonhead (an entirely self produced Montreal based rap group), Jei Bandit (a newcomer producing heavy rap and instrumentals), and RrKelly (co-founder of the Rap Mommies night at En Cachette). It's a regular greatest-hits of the Montreal scene.

Catch the event live at Cabaret Underworld starting at 10pm or online on MTL Blog. The audio live-stream will start at 10pm est sharp.

RSVP to the event, FOLLOW MOTO for everything music and LISTEN away.