Montreal's Mount Royal Is Being Transformed Into A "Colourful Enchanted Forest" This Winter

15,000 square meters of lights and adventure on the mountain!

When Montreal first announced they wanted to illuminate the Jacques Cartier bridge, my first thought was: Why don't they just light up the whole mountain?

I even tried to figure out how much it would cost to illuminate all the paths on Mount Royal.

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I suggested that the city use light projectors instead of light to save on cost, and it turns out I was onto something because Montreal is going to be illuminating the entire mountain, only instead of using several small projectors they're using one giant projector instead.

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The project is called Aurores Montréal, it is a light installation that covers over 15,000 square meters.

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These giant lights will be showing off several different displays including poetry, and an artificial aurora borealis.

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And it's not just the mountain getting a neon makeover.

There will also be projections on the Biosphere, the dome of Saint-Joseph’s Oratory and the mast of the Olympic stadium.

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The projections will last from now until January 1st.

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