Montreal’s Mount Royal Snowshoe Adventure You Can Go On This Winter

Discover some secret paths on the mountain.
Montreal’s Mount Royal Snowshoe Adventure You Can Go On This Winter

When it comes to winter activities Montreal is often overlooked.

We usually assume that all the fun winter stuff takes place in the Laurentians, but the truth is that there are some winter time adventures right here in the heart of Montreal.

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Every year, a group called Les Amis de la Montagne organize some activities and excursions all over Mount Royal.

And one of the most popular activities has to be the secret snowshoe adventure.

You'll be guided through Mount Royal's less explored areas where you'll be shown all the best trails, the rarest vantage points, and the many secrets hiding all over the mountain.

They'll even provide the hot chocolate, so you can keep yourself warm on your wintery adventure.

The excursion begins at Beaver Lake and lasts about and hour and a half. The trails open on January 6th, but you need to make reservations if you want to participate.

For more information check out Les Amis De La Montagne's website.

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Montreal is full of super fun things to do, and most of these things are way more fun when you share it with that special someone! 

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