Montreal's Mural Fest Is Taking Over Boulevard Saint-Laurent For 2 Weeks Next Month

The one event in the city you need to check out.
Montreal's Mural Fest Is Taking Over Boulevard Saint-Laurent For 2 Weeks Next Month

If you've ever taken a stroll through Montreal, then the chances are very high that you've noticed one thing: our street art is. On. Point.

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IMO, that's becauseof a few reasons. One, we have some of the most creative people in the world, right here in this city.

And two? In Montreal, we tend to value art and talent above all else. In fact, we celebrate it all the time!

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Like with the super huge Mural Festival, for example. 

The Mural Festival has been fostering and celebrating street art in Montreal since 2012. The festival brings street artists, musicians, muralists, art enthusiasts, and Montrealers all together to celebrate our urban culture. 

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It generally takes place in the Plateau, along Montreal's Boulevard St. Laurent, but this year, the super fun fest is about to get a whole lot bigger!

As usual, 2017's Mural Festival will feature free access to the creation of murals, as well as music, temporary exhibits, and an art fair.

In addition to all that super fun stuff, this year, Mural Festival will include four free block parties on Boulevard St. Laurent, four huge live music events, an outdoor barbecue festival, and 11 after parties at MURAL Art Pub!

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Oh, and not only is Mural Fest going down in the Plateau this year, but it'll also be expanding into the gorgeous Old Montreal on June 8-11. They'll be setting up special events, art installations, temporary exhibits, and even an art fair at Marche Bonsecours!

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Mural Festival 2017 is going down on June 8 - 18. To get the absolute best Mural Fest experience possible, you're going to want to get the 11 Day VIP Experience Pass.

The pass includes access to Mural Fest's VIP Zone, which includes exclusive accesses to the Block Parties, access to numerous live music events, a guided tour of the murals, alcohol rebates, and more! You can pick up your pass right here.

Sounds like the most fun thing you can do this summer? Then check out Mural Festival's Facebook event page, and pick up their MURAL Festival mobile app, available on the App Store and Google Play!