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Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts Is Offering Free Admission For The Holidays

The perfect activity for a cold and snowy day!
Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts Is Offering Free Admission For The Holidays

With Christmas vacation only days away, you might be wondering what exactly you're going to be doing during your time off. Besides visiting family and celebrating the big day with loved ones, you might have some free time on your hands.

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TL;DR Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts is offering free admission to the general public from December 22, 2018 to January 6, 2019 on both their Collections and Discovery Exhibitions. More information below.

Sure, you can spend that time indoors catching up on sleep while you can, but why not make use of your spare time by visiting some of the free events going on across the city?

Imagine it: it's snowing peacefully out, most roads and streets are empty because everyone is staying indoors, and you have the entire city basically to yourself. To make it even better, visiting Montreal's Museum of Fine Arts over the holidays will cost you absolutely nothing.

Yes, it's true. The museum is offering free admission from December 22, 2018 to January 6, 2019. This means you can bring your entire family, just a date, or visit by yourself and no matter your age or arrival time, you won't pay whatsoever!

The Collection and Discovery Exhibitions, which would regularly cost up to $8 for admission, are part of this amazing holiday perk. There's no coupon or discount code you'll need in order to get into the museum for free, all you have to do is show up! It really is the easiest (and most fun) thing you'll be doing for the holidays.

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So, make the Museum of Fine Arts an item on your holiday itinerary. You won't regret it!

For more information on the free entry deal and more, click HERE.

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